Shipping Procedure


We will text or call you with confirmation when we have received your quilt. You can then expect a working timeframe from us and an estimated date when your quilt will be finished and ready for return shipping. Upon shipping we will text or call with a tracking # and expected arrival date. Our usual turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, excluding shipping time.

Shipping Address

231 Tendoy St

Bellevue, ID 83313


Please include the following:

  • Quilt top

  • Backing fabric + 4 extra inches on all sides!

  • Binding fabric (optional)

  • Printed Order Form

Place all items in a strong plastic bag before placing in shipping box. We recommend mailing with USPS Priority. We receive most priority packages in 2-3 days, and it is best to obtain a tracking number when shipping your quilt. Flat Rate Priority boxes are free at any US Post Office. To protect against theft please do not write “Quilt” on the outside of the box.

Quilt Pattern Graphic.png