Quilt Prep

J. Coterie Quilting Checklist

✔   Trim quilt top to final finished size with any loose thread trimmed (front and back).

✔   Press all seams open or to one side. (Extra charge incurred for pressing).

✔   If your quilt top has piecing along the edge (no borders) we recommend sewing a stay-stitch. Stitch 1/8th inch from the edge of the quilt to keep any seams from separating.

✔   Backing fabric must be 4” bigger on all sides. This will provide your quilt with complete edge to edge quilting. Please remove all selvages from backing fabric to ensure a smooth, flat back. Quilt backs will be positioned with seams horizontal unless otherwise noted. If your backing fabric is directional please make sure it is clearly marked.

✔   Mark the top of your quilt top and backing fabric with safety pins.

✔   We are happy to seam backing together if needed for a charge of $10 per seam.

✔   To ensure quality results and compatibility with our machines, all batting must be purchased from us. We only use high quality battings. We offer 100% cotton, 80/20 cotton poly blend, 6oz poly, and wool batting. Other types of batting can be custom ordered. Contact us for pricing on special order batting.

✔   Measure your quilt across the top, bottom, and center. All measurements should be about the same to ensure puckers do not occur in the quilting process. Borders that do not lay flat will cause tucks, pleats or unsightly fullness.

Follow these steps to ensure we will have all we need to provide you with a finished quilt. We are confident our finishing services will complement all of your hard work, and we look forward to providing you with a quilt you can adore for years to come.



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