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Jill Johnson, founder and quilter at J. Coterie



It all started by accident...

I'm Jill, the accidental quilter. I have always made things by hand, and I was fortunate enough to be raised by a sweet and talented mother who tried (with no luck) to teach me to sew. And for the longest time I felt strongly that I did not have time to sew anything, much less a quilt! One day a close friend of mine asked me if we might duck into the local fabric store to pick out some pieces for her upcoming introductory quilting class. She told me I had an eye for color and she wanted to pick out something cute. If you quilt (and since you're here there's a good chance you do) you won't be surprised when I tell you that by the time we left the shop I had my own quilt's worth of fabric and my friend (and her accomplice, the sales lady) had me signed up for the first class. 

I was hooked. After I finished my first quilt I immediately bought enough fabric for a second. I caught myself daydreaming about a third and a fourth. Fast forward a little bit and the daydreams started to be about my very own long arm quilting machine. Just like the first leap into sewing and quilting, this step felt scary and slightly out of reach. When the opportunity to purchase a machine materialized, it took the encouragement of another good friend, my husband, to push me in the right direction. He assured me that I could make this dream happen; that I could share something I love so much with a whole community of likeminded, creative people.

And here we are! J. Coterie is an extension of my own passion and a place for collaboration and creativity, and I am so excited to share it with you all. The word coterie felt just perfect when I set out to name my new endeavor because it connotes an intimate group of likeminded persons with shared tastes, interests, and purpose. So please get in touch with me for any reason at all! I would love to meet you and I so look forward to everything we will create together.

Love, Jill



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